A Rainy Afternoon
Added Wednesday 30 March 2011 at 16:14

It has been such a busy week for Viv and Jane on the sales area, many of our own luscious new perennials are ready for sale and have to be moved from the nursery to the sales beds, a days work in itself. Tuesday saw deliveries from some of our suppliers and we now have a good selection of clematis and the shrub beds are filling up with all manner of goodies. Most of the donkey work was completed in the beautiful sunshine but today rain and more rain. It makes it difficult to write on labels, as fast as the ink goes on, it washes off!
The garden opens on Friday 1st April and is looking so good. A few tulips are starting to show their colours encouraged by the warmth of the last week, the daffodils are blazing away and there is a lovely tranquil feel over the whole garden, the calm before everything burst into life and the garden starts to become more secret as vistas close with new growth and you never know quite what`s round the next corner.
Consider our garden club membership, details on the website, it really is fantastic value and is for two years, brilliant.
I`ve attached a couple of photos of Jane and Viv working hard on the sales area, Viv is the shy one!
Janice and Angela also feature working hard on the stock beds, not so shy!